Battery Powered Electric Lawn Edger Tool

$149.90 USD
$300.00 USD

Is it the time of the week to finally groom your lawn and you need a handy landscape edger to get the job done? Running at speeds of 8,000 rpm, the lawn edger swiftly chops down grass and weed within milliseconds for a more convenient landscaping experience.

Constructed with heavy-duty material
Electric start eliminates gas hassle
Efficient weeding experience!
Saves electricity and energy
Easy to use
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Fast and convenient door to door delivery 3-7 Business Days
2-year Extendable Warranty
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Professional Support
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Why Bousty Lawn Edger Tool ?

For a Simplier Life
Rotates rapidly at 8000 rpm and use high-power motor
Equipped with an ultra-sharp string that cuts through grass and weed with ease.
Adjustable hand lever design
Great gift for a loved one
Easy command feed spool system for instant line feeding
Effectively trims the lawn
Adjustable spacer guard to protect the string from contact with concrete.
1,000+ Orders
With BOUSTY Lawn Edger Tool
Why Choose Bousty Lawn Edger Tool ?
Bousty Dog Jogging Stroller
Easy to maneuver
Lightweight and easy to use
2-in-1 design
Easy handling and operation
The Other Brands
Difficult to use
Low quality
Not portable
Produce too much noise
"... Love how lightweight this is. At 5’1” tall, it can be hard for me to use some lawn equipment, but I have no problem with this trimmer. It is sturdy but light, does the job well and is easy to use."

                                        Nina, Bousty Store Customer

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🚚 Estimated Time Delivery 3-7 Business Days (World-wide)
Holiday Sale! Order One Bousty Lawn Edger Tool, Get EXTRA 10% Discount. Coupon Code: "NEWYEAR22". Valid Today Only!

Find anything you want to know about our BOUSTY Lawn Edger Tool
Is the length of the pole adjustable?
Does it have dual cutting lines?
This is a single line cutting unit.
What is the maximum running time of this trimmer?
It last about 60 mins
Can I get this in stores?
No. This is not sold in stores.
Processing Times
Orders can sometimes take 1-3 days to process after placing the order before shipping out. We do not ship on weekends.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Leonel S

Shipping was on time. Quality is very good. Battery performance is excellent. This trimmer is easy to set up

Norberto E

I was a little leary of this tool after reading some of the one star comments. After receiving this tool from unboxing to operation was less than 10 minutes and that was without reading the directions. I had to lol about one review saying it's hard to change the black handle to different positions. Lol your not supposed move the handle, you move the 2 pivot points on the tool which gives you a wide array of positions. The auto feeder works by pausing operation of the tool for a few seconds and as it slows down it spits out the string like it's supposed to. Conclusion: some people should not operate any kind of power tools if they have no clue how to use them. Ignor the negative comments. BTW I have an average size yard and was able to Edge, trim and switch over to my blower all without a charge in between. Great tool

Randy R

This trimmer is the greatest thing that's ever happened to my yard. I've had it for two years and I've kept it outisde since day 1 in rainy Portland, OR. It got used monthly for trims around the front and backyards, or less often for bigger jobs, cutting through huge and dense masses of foliage that had been growing out of control for months. This trimmer has powered through a lot of pretty serious stuff without missing a beat. Its power is always there when you squeeze the handle, and jams are incredibly rare. I've gone through one single cartridge of string the entire time I've had it.

Alden R

After my first review I got note from the tech support after a few days. When I took their advise and tried, and did it right it actually worked. I also have the 19inch lawn mower love them both.

Vinnie K

I have to say I am very happy with my purchases and very impressed with the quality of the equipment. All three pieces of equipment were very easy to assemble; I did not need to use the instructions that came with the equipment. There are some things to understand about these three pieces of equipment. Compared to gas powered equipment mower, blower, trimmer are all very very light. The lack of significant weight can be misleading and interpreted as a lack of power, however, this is untrue

Jayde K

Ok I have been the person that loves to do the work myself instead of hiring someone to do things for me we live in the high desert and despite most peoples opinion ...that its just a sand pit ...we here say lol Hahahaha ok....but we do have grass and weeds and yards to edge also lol Hahahaha .... So my back yard was starting to look like a jungle.

Bettye W

The trimmer is lightweight and will not make your back feel crooked after a while. It also has guiding wheels for vertical operation, say at the sideline of a lawn.