Bousty Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

$159.95 USD
$300.00 USD

Bousty Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

$159.95 USD
$300.00 USD
Wooden Beige
Wooden Black
Wooden Beige - Handmade -
Wooden Black - Handmade -
For a better life, change your sitting posture with our wooden ergonomic kneeling chair. This work of art assists you in sitting in proper positions without having to invest much mental effort. It strikes the perfect blend between aesthetics and functionality.
By supporting your both knees and thighs, your body weight can be dispersed evenly to reduce the pressure weight on your lumber spine. Thus, improve your back pain, neck pain and take the stress off the spine.
PREVENTS NECK & BACK PROBLEMS - This orthopedic kneeling chair can help you maintain the healthiest and most appropriate seating position. Even sitting for a long time won’t make you feel unease.
FIRM STRUCTURE - This wood kneeling chair is carefully crafted with a bent angle to create a tumbler-like rocking action. The cross bars can assist in providing the chair with a sturdy, robust, and secure frame.
WIDE APPLICATION - This kneeling chair can be used in place of a standard chair in your daily life, such as a desk chair for work, meditation, entertainment, and so on.
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#1 Bousty Ergonomic Kneeling Chair


The Bousty Ergonomic Kneeling Chair will help you avoid chronic neck and back pain while also improving the quality of your life!
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Why Bousty Ergonomic Kneeling Chair ?

For a Healthy Lifestyle
Improves Posture
Avoid Neck Pain
Suitable For Any Weight
Experience An Ultimate Comfort
Positively Affected Customers
What Is Special About Bousty Ergonomic Kneeling Chair?
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Product Specifications
  • Material: 20 layers of beech wood 
  • Hardware: Uniform high-quality metal screws and setting tool 
  • Cushion: Two knee pads and one sitting foam are fitted with sponge foam, thick and comfortable 
  • Knee Pad Size: 10.2 in x 5.9 in x 3.54 in (L x W x H) 
  • Seat Cushion Size: 15.7 in x 11.8 in x 3.54 in (L x W x H) 
  • Kneeling Chair Height: 21.85 in, makes it suitable for most people and the majority desks. 
  • Weight Capacity: 200 lbs
Package includes
  • 1 x Bousty Ergonomic Kneeling Chair 
  • 1 x Instructional Manual 
  • 1 x Screw Kit
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Why Choose Bousty Ergonomic Kneeling Chair ?
Bousty Ergonomic Kneeling Chair
Ergonomic Comfortable Design
High Quality and Durable 
Improves Circulation And Oxygen Levels
Fast Shipping 3 - 7 Business Day Delivery
The Other Brands
Unhealthy & Uncomfortable Pillows
Cheap Low Grade Quality
Damaging Your Neck And Back
Time Consuming 15 - 30 Business Day Delivery

Need to Know Why Our Kneeling Chair?

Watch the video below for more information
"... This is by far the fanciest kneeling chair I have ever owned. It is carefully designed and looks so cool."

"...arrived fast and exactly as described. packaging was good and all the parts were easy to put together. the chair is really comfortable. even more comfortable than the one i remembered my grandparents having as a child which initially prompted me to order this chair... "

K.Allen Bousty Customer

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Find anything you want to know about our Ergonomic Kneeling Chair
How to sit on it?
The majority of your weight should be on your hips, with only around 10-15% on your shins. Your kneecaps should also not be in contact with the padding. This will help you feel more balanced on the runners by aligning your back.
Will it hurt my knees?
It's common to experience some soreness or tenderness in your shins and knees when you first start using the chair, but your shins will strengthen and take most of your weight after that. Your knees should be in excellent shape!
Can I get this in stores?
No. This is not sold in stores.
Processing Times
 Orders can sometimes take 1-3 days to process after placing the order before shipping out. We do not ship on weekends.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Catherine Turcotte

I got this chair to try and encourage better ergonomics in my home office, especially an extreme slouch that puts pressure on my neck. we'll see if things improve there. though, I'd also like to highlight that while this chair may encourage better posture, you can have bad posture in any chair 😂

I also like the fidget options for this chair. the rocking motion I find is very nice, especially when listening to music. I feel like I have a little wiggle room in my whole body because of it.

Emile Keeling

This is the third Ergo chair that I have owned. In general, the Bousty is the same design and proportions as cheaper alternatives. Noticeable differences are the quality of the padding and fabric, which is much springier than my other chairs, the lack of a horizontal stabilizing bar (common in cheaper chairs, and the quality of the hardware that ships with the product (these appear to be brass wood screws, someone please correct me though). The Bousty also has a small leather loop on the underside that fits an Allen wrench/Hex key used for tightening.

The main problem I had with cheaper alternatives was quality control. It was a pain to put the chairs together because of alignment; the wooden pieces were either slightly warped or manufactured poorly. This put a lot of tension on the chair itself and resulted in cracking. The boxed hardware of the alternatives is also of pretty low quality and stripped easily, which is easily fixed with a trip to the hardware store.

I sent one other chair back and received a replacement with the exact same problem. Not so with the Varier Variable, everything fit together nicely like a glove.

Haylee Rutherford

I have had this chair for a year now, and I love it just as much now as I did when I first got it. I have put this chair through hours of sitting and rocking. I work from home half the time, and am a gamer on the evenings and weekends. In all that time, the padding hasn't lessened, I no longer have pain and numbness from my SI joint, and my whole back stays aligned better. The versatility of being able to change positions is key. I tend to kneel and lean forward when focusing, rock back and forth when thinking, and just rock the chair back and place my feet on the floor when I'm up and down quite a bit.

It takes a couple days of getting used to (which is another reason why being able to change positions is great), and in the beginning, you're likely to get a lot of popping up and down your spine as your posture corrects and your core gets stronger.

The only con: If you have an obnoxious prankster of a teenager, they might pull you backwards off the chair. Yes, it happened once! On a more serious note: if you use it on a hardwood floor, you'll want to make sure that you sweep under it regularly... the finish on the rockers is a bit rough now because I didn't realize stuff was hiding under there. However, the floor is fine, so I'm not concerned about it.

Assembly was quick and simple, and after one tightening after using it for a month or so, it has stayed solid.

HIGHLY recommended!

Picture is after a year of use. Still rocking it! Please disregard all the dog hair :)

Hilton Greenholt

I had been thinking of getting a kneeling chair for some time, and I was a bit overwhelmed in my research. There seemed to be so many available, some rocking like this one, some with backrests, some with wheels. I went with this one because of its rating, the aesthetic, for its thick pads, and its rocking. I’m putting it in my yoga studio so I was looking for something to fit that vibe, it it helps.

Chair was relatively simple to put together. Could be useful to have a second set of hands but it’s not essential. Also some people have noted not having all pieces, mine had everything but I did reach out before getting the chair to ensure they would help if needed. They were super responsive and helpful!

As for the chair, it is very sturdy and rocks well. I appreciate the thicker pads, the other rocking kneeling chair on the market is so much thinner. I am new to this kneeling chair business, so I am still getting used to the feel but I can tell you right away that I feel the difference in my back the second I sit down. My hips are pushed forward my spine goes into a natural S curve which is so refreshing for my back vs the traditional chair. Oh and removing one or both legs to rock and fidget is awesome.

Bought this for my yoga studio and it’s fits great in the little nook, looks great, and gives me the perfect spot to check everyone in! It’s such a fun topic of convo and I can truly feel my spine being put into the correct positioning when I sit down.

Love it!

Heber West

My husband bought this for his desk for days that he works from home. He seems to really like it. It was fairly easy to put togehter. There were a couple of times that we thought it was confusing but overall it took about 30 minutes. Both of my daughters now want one for their desks. Bonus was that they send a coupon if we purchase another and it looks like we will be.

Jordon Koepp

Really like this product. After a few days of gradually easing into it I noticed I wanted to me on this chair whenever I wasn’t using it. My posture has improved, even standing. Definitely glad i followed advice and found a model with the rocking & ability to put your legs in the middle unlike some of the others I considered. Both are a pretty important part of why the chair works - rocking helps add variety of positions and/or gentle movement, and being able to put one leg in the middle gives you further options for leg positions which helps you stay comfortable over longer periods. Still giving it 4 stars though as one of the wooden pegs that helps hold the pieces together snapped as I was assembling it and some of the others had cracks. I wish that part were slightly higher quality. Luckily the one that broke for me didn’t compromise the stability of the chair Finally some advice- definitely give your body time to adjust to this. I wouldn’t recommend going straight to long sessions. My muscles definitely took some time to adjust to the new position. On the plus side, now that I have adjusted my abs are stronger and my quads aren’t so tight.

Johathan Schaden

Love this chair so much. What a relief. From back pain, and from my own ADD, this chair allows me to move, rock, wiggle, which helps me stay put and produce. I am an author and am at my desk for long, long hours. I got a little tripped up in assembly, but reached out to the company and they responded right away. Solid chair, comfortable, a no-brained for me. I’ll never use a “sitting” chair again. Also, it’s helping to strengthen my core while I work. Very solid.