Bousty Fruit Fly Trap

$39.95 USD
$60.00 USD

Bousty Fruit Fly Trap

$39.95 USD
$60.00 USD

Tired of being bitten? Let’s lure these suckers to their death.

Too violent there? We wouldn’t say so. Because no one has time to deal with the itchy-agony that comes with mosquito bite after mosquito bite. Stop wishing for peace with sprays and horrid-smelling essential oils and get some real work done with our built-to-perform Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp.

ALLURE WITH UV LIGHT - Our machine radiates blue UV light to lure mosquitoes into the chamber where a high-efficiency cyclone suction kills them quickly.
GO CHEMICAL-FREE FOR A SAFER SPACE - Keep colleagues or family and friends safe without the unpleasantries of traditional chemical-heavy bug sprays and pesticides.
POWERED BY USB - Designed with a built-in 5V 400 mAh rechargeable battery, you can conveniently charge up this mosquito-killer with a USB charging cord (one included with your purchase).
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Why Bousty Mosquito Killer Lamp ?

For a Simplier Life
Compact-sizes for convenience
Effectively kill bug, mosquito, fly, moth, and other flying insects within 72 square yards (60 square meters)
Fireproof ABS housing material is resistant to high temperature, difficult to dissolve, oil resistant, easy to clean, no hazardous substances, and environment-friendly.
We provide 24 months warranty and friendly customer service.
#1 Bousty Smart Mosquito Killer Lamp
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Featured Image
Featured Image

#1 Bousty Smart Mosquito Killer Lamp


Why Choose Bousty Mosquito Killer Lamp ?
Bousty Mosquito Killer Lamp
Rechargeable Battery with 400 mAh capacity 
Allure with UV light
Lightweight and Portable 
Double filtration, double performance
The Other Brands
No batteries- not rechargeable 
Not resistant to water 
Low effect and noisy
Over sized
Find anything you want to know about our Mosquito Killer Lamp
How long does the killing effect last for?
Designed with a built-in 5V 4000 mAh rechargeable battery, you can conveniently charge up this mosquito-killer with a USB charging cord (one included with your purchase). That means whether by laptop or wall outlet, you can power up this must-have device anytime, anywhere.
Will this be useful to use it outdoor?
Yes, this mosquito Killer Lamp can typically be used outdoor.
Can I get this in stores?
No. This is not sold in stores.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Willa Auer
Best torture device for mosquitoes ever!

So basically this device entices bugs with a pretty light, sucks them through a turbine where they get stuck to a glue pad and starve to death. The only downfall is that it lacks a tiny microphone that would amplify the cries of agony as a bloodsucking vector of disease writhes in agony.
We have two toddler girls who kept having these horrible red welts on their skin that we would find in the morning. Turns out that, like their mother, they are highly sensitive to mosquito bites. Out of desperation we bought this little guy and since then, not one bite, only the great satisfaction of seeing the machines over night "kills". We hate mosquitoes and so we are very happy with this product. We now have three.

Myrl Lowe
Great Product Great Effect

Fast shipping!

Erna Murphy
Worth the Price!

Bought it for my yard to keep flying insects from bothering our cookouts in the summer months

Jalen Lind
This. Changed. Everything.

Okay let me just start off by saying, I am not being paid or otherwise to post this review. With that said, this machine works amazing and is simple to use. My problem was with indoor mosquitoes. I live in TX and I would wake up every day with dozens of bites all over my legs and feet where they stick out of the covers. (I'm 6'5") It was getting so bad that I became completely scarred up and constantly itching and swollen. I don't know why mosquitoes are so weirdly attracted to me but it's awful and I couldn't take it anymore. I was skeptical because I know mosquitoes aren't GENERALLY attracted to light like other flying pests are but in less than two days my house was free of mosquitoes and even caught 3 giant flies that my cat couldn't even catch! This thing does it all. This has changed my life and I'm no longer dousing myself in bug spray every night just to be able to sleep.

Marielle Lemke
Perfect for Fruit Flies!

I bought this for my office after a recent outbreak of fruit flies. I was beyond exasperated with the endeavors of the operation team to treat the problem, so I purchased this on my own in an effort to try something to control the issue. I ran this on silent mode overnight and returned to find a dozen fruit flies trapped on the sticky pad - definitely already making more progress than the professional bug service or the small cups of apple vinegar placed in various places throughout the office. This purchase is worth every penny already, and I've had it for less than a day. I will say - the instructions say nothing about the 2 white sticky pads included with the machine. Simply remove the adhesive, and place the pad sticky side up in the bottom of the machine - as the flies fall through the machine, they will stick to this adhesive pad. You can then discard the adhesive pad at anytime and replace it with a fresh one. I will need to research to see if you can buy replacement adhesive pads.

Brooklyn Weissnat
Don't hesitate on this one.

My wife has a lot of plants. For a very long time now, working at my PC during the late hours, these little bugs would show up. I would kill one, and it seemed a replacement would instantly take its place. Working from home during this pandemic has had these things in my face (and occasionally a nostril) enough times to drive a person crazy. This also led me to wonder how many of these things are there in my house? Now, I did order some sticky traps for the plants themselves at the same time, but I picked this up specifically for my room. Last night was the first night in weeks I did not see a bug, and it also was the first night I had a Bousty Fruit fly Trap sitting guard next to my desk. This morning I opened it up and saw about 20 of these pests stuck to the bottom. Absolutely delightful.

Hardy Boehm
EXCELLENT Product! Highly recommended

We are plagued with mosquitoes (thanks to neighbors with funky pools - ugh). We don't like spraying chemicals in the house so I tried this product as a last resort. Oh my gosh, we would not have suffered so many bites had I bought this sooner! The first day - first day! - I counted 10 mosquitoes on the sticky board inside the device. 10! yea!

We leave it running when we are out of the house and frequently come back to little presents of dead mosquitoes. We even leave it running near us when we are watching TV. Occasionally a mosquito will venture away from us and get caught in the fan. The fan has 2 speeds - standard and quiet. The fan does rattle a bit occasionally on either setting but it's not an annoying noise. It more of a white noise that you know is there but is not a bother.

The glue boards are super simple to pop in and out of the bottom of the trap. And the trap itself (we have the black one) is not obtrusive at all. I highly recommend this item. We are so happy with it we even named it Audrey. She will forever have a home in our house and our travel trailer.

Oh, and the seller has been a true delight. We have been corresponding about the product and I have received prompt and detailed answers to my questions.