Groommypet™ Low Noise Pet Grooming Clipper

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Groommypet™ Clipper
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THE QUIETEST PET HAIR CLIPPER THAT... DOESN'T SCARE YOUR PET Keep Your Furry Friend Well-Groomed – Without Spending A Fortune!  
Silent Motor To Keep Your Pet Relaxed
No More Expensive Grooming Trips
For All Kinds Of Breeds & Hair Type
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What Pet Owners Love About  Groommypet™ Clippers

...And Why Your Pet Will Love It!
Cutting Down On Pet Grooming Bills
Grooming your pet is a necessary part of its health. However, it's expensive. Get Groommypet™ Pet Hair Clipper and keep that money in your pocket!  
No Scary Noise → Relaxed Pet
Groommypet™ Pet Electric Hair Clipper is quiet, with no nasty buzzing noises or dramatic vibrations to scare and unnerve your pet. Build an even more loving relationship with your happy, unstressed, and beautifully groomed pet.
Easy Home Grooming
You no longer have to visit a pet salon to give your pet a cut. Get the job done while you and your pet enjoy the comfort of your home.
10,000+ Orders
Over + 10,000 Clippers Sold

How does your pet feel about being groomed? 

How do you feel about the prices charged at grooming salons?
Grooming salons can be expensive. The noise that regular hair clippers produce can disturb and scare your pet. Is there a better way to keep your furry friend relaxed and looking gorgeous? Introducing the Original  Groommypet™ Pet Electric Hair Clipper Low Noise Pet Grooming Clipper – specially made for home grooming. Its quiet motor has low vibration level that helps keep your pet calm and happy! Not to mention that it will save you tons of money that would be otherwise spent at a professional groomer. Being suitable for every size of dog, cat or any other kind of furry pet, large or small, our animal clipper trims perfectly whether they have matted hair that's hard to keep in good condition, curly hair that's a challenge to groom without pulling, or fine delicate hair that deserves gentle treatment. If you are looking for a "pawesome" way to make your clipping-time easier, look no further!

Do You Know What Makes It Even Better?

Quite Motor & Low Vibration
Features a low noise level (less than 50db) while still delivering high-speed strong power, which makes the  Groommypet™ pet shaver perfect for nervous pets, reassuring them and keeping them still while you work.
Sharp & Safe Ceramic Blades
The innovative ceramic blades stay sharp and cool way longer than steel blades and move effortlessly through all coat types even if the hair is thick or matted.
5 Levels Shift For Fine-Tuning
You can adjust the trimming length from 0.8 to 2mm during hair cutting with the built-in fine-tuning knob.
Quite Motor & Low Vibration
Features a low noise level (less than 50db) while still delivering high-speed strong power, which makes the  Groommypet™ pet shaver perfect for nervous pets, reassuring them and keeping them still while you work.
How To Use  Groommypet™ Clipper
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Blade material: Titanium+Ceramic Noise: About 50 dB Motor: 6500RPM Battery capacity: 1500 mAh Running time: 90 mins Charging time: 3-5 hours Input power: 3.7V Voltage: 110-240V Blade shift: 0.8/1.1/1.4/1.7/2mm Guard Combs: 3/6/9/12mm Size: 17.5*4.5cm / 6.9*1.8inch 
1x Pet Hair Clipper, 4x Comb Attachments (3-6-9-12mm), 1x USB charging cable, 1x Cleaning brush, 1x User guide 
SET 2 & 3 (*)
Everything from SET 1 plus: 1x Grooming Scissors, 1x Grooming Comb, 1x Pet Nail Clippers, 1x Pet Nail File

(*) SET 3 contains Everything from SETS 1 and 2 plus: 3x Replacement Blades
Real Pets Real Results
Some Pictures From Our Happy Customers
Recommended By Professional Pet Groomers Eliminates Fear and Ensures Comfort For Pets

Professional groomers know how to make pets feel comfortable and happy during grooming time. They also know how frightening and annoying the noise of pet grooming clippers can be for your loved furry baby. Thankfully, this problem can be avoided by the  Groommypet™ Quiet Pet Grooming Clipper, that's recommended by groomers as the best clipper for periodic at-home grooming sessions. 
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Find anything you want to know about our product and tips for grooming your pet
How quiet is the  Groommypet™ Clipper?
The clipper's low vibration and precision motor  produce just around 50 db.
Is it waterproof?
The cutting head is waterproof, you can clean it with water.
Would this work for a dog with curly hair?
YES, it will work with any type of hair.
What do the different combs 3, 6, 9 and 12 mm ?
Additional guard combs are applicable for clipping the hair of different legnhts
Its says the product is rechargeable. Do I have to take batteries out to charge them ?
NO! You don't have to take out your batteries to charge it. You can leave it inside your clipper and you can charge it with the usb cable comes with your order. If get extra batteries, you can charge them on a standalone charger as well.
Can I get this in stores?
No. This is not sold in stores.
Processing Times
Orders can sometimes take 1-3 days to process after placing the order before shipping out. We do not ship on weekends.

Ready to groom your pet!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Collien D

I have a 10 month old puppy and she is scared and unsure of alot of things. I was not sure at first when I bought these clippers but then using these clippers, at first she was like umm mom what’s that? But then she was calm and at ease because they where so quiet and easy to use that it did not spook her but made her want to roll on her back and get belly rubs!!! On top of that great quality saves me a lot of money!!

Yannis B

My dog trimming went from a 2 people wrestling chore, to a calm 1 person hair cut for my skittish thick haired dog. This trimmer is so quite that it does not scare my dog at all. It cut through her thick hair so easily and created any stress for my dog. I love that it is not tied to a cord! I love this trimmer!

Lilia T

I received the parcel. The machine is charged. Delivered by courier home Courier home. Not yet tried it in the case as we try to leave a new review.

Nikolas P

The clippers are quiet and the low noise does not bother my young dog at all (and he is pretty sensitive to noise). They clip well. Long charge. I recommend.

Elanur S

These trimmers work amazing on my senior dog and my puppy. The noise is low and does not scare them. It comes qith several attachements for different lengths. A nice metal comb and a great pair of scissors.

Frederick B

Okay so I’m a dog groomer. It’s literally my job. I prefer these over my $70 Wahl clippers. 9 times out of 10 these are the clippers I grab. They’re quiet and work really well! Definitely recommend!

James K

After spending lots of time dealing with clippers that did a terrible job cutting through fur, making them a complete nightmare to use, these came in and saved the day. These glide through fur perfectly and work exactly how you'd hope any clipper would ever work.

Ariana R

This product is a great value. The reviews are true. Such a great deal. Easy to use and clean. The battery last a very long time before going dead. It also charges back up quickly.

Ibrahim G

I recently started shaving my puppy to save some money and this product has been great so far. He has lots of hair that has be touched up at least twice a month. I highly recommend these clippers!

Anna K

Very quiet motor. Easy to handle, change lengths for different dogs & very easy to clean & maintain. Even my dog with the "foot phobia" will let me trim his feet now without the usual Twister routine. Very happy with this product.

Groommypet™ Clipper
Groommypet™ Clipper
Groommypet™ All-In-One Grooming Kit
Groommypet™ All-In-One Grooming Kit + 3 Blades
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